Class DescribeUserScramCredentialsResult

    • Method Detail

      • all

        public KafkaFuture<Map<String,​UserScramCredentialsDescription>> all()
        a future for the results of all described users with map keys (one per user) being consistent with the contents of the list returned by users(). The future will complete successfully only if all such user descriptions complete successfully.
      • users

        public KafkaFuture<List<String>> users()
        a future indicating the distinct users that meet the request criteria and that have at least one credential. The future will not complete successfully if the user is not authorized to perform the describe operation; otherwise, it will complete successfully as long as the list of users with credentials can be successfully determined within some hard-coded timeout period. Note that the returned list will not include users that do not exist/have no credentials: a request to describe an explicit list of users, none of which existed/had a credential, will result in a future that returns an empty list being returned here. A returned list will include users that have a credential but that could not be described.
      • description

        public KafkaFuture<UserScramCredentialsDescription> description​(String userName)
        userName - the name of the user description being requested
        a future indicating the description results for the given user. The future will complete exceptionally if the future returned by users() completes exceptionally. Note that if the given user does not exist in the list of described users then the returned future will complete exceptionally with ResourceNotFoundException.