Class ElectPreferredLeadersResult

    • Method Detail

      • partitionResult

        public KafkaFuture<Void> partitionResult​(TopicPartition partition)
        Get the result of the election for the given partition. If there was not an election triggered for the given partition, the returned future will complete with an error.
      • partitions

        public KafkaFuture<Set<TopicPartition>> partitions()

        Get a future for the topic partitions for which a leader election was attempted. A partition will be present in this result if an election was attempted even if the election was not successful.

        This method is provided to discover the partitions attempted when Admin.electPreferredLeaders(Collection) is called with a null partitions argument.

      • all

        public KafkaFuture<Void> all()
        Return a future which succeeds if all the topic elections succeed.