Class MetricName

  • public final class MetricName
    extends Object
    The MetricName class encapsulates a metric's name, logical group and its related attributes. It should be constructed using metrics.MetricName(...).

    This class captures the following parameters:

      name The name of the metric
      group logical group name of the metrics to which this metric belongs.
      description A human-readable description to include in the metric. This is optional.
      tags additional key/value attributes of the metric. This is optional.
    group, tags parameters can be used to create unique metric names while reporting in JMX or any custom reporting.

    Ex: standard JMX MBean can be constructed like domainName:type=group,key1=val1,key2=val2

    Usage looks something like this:

     // set up metrics:
     Map<String, String> metricTags = new LinkedHashMap<String, String>();
     metricTags.put("client-id", "producer-1");
     metricTags.put("topic", "topic");
     MetricConfig metricConfig = new MetricConfig().tags(metricTags);
     Metrics metrics = new Metrics(metricConfig); // this is the global repository of metrics and sensors
     Sensor sensor = metrics.sensor("message-sizes");
     MetricName metricName = metrics.metricName("message-size-avg", "producer-metrics", "average message size");
     sensor.add(metricName, new Avg());
     metricName = metrics.metricName("message-size-max", "producer-metrics");
     sensor.add(metricName, new Max());
     metricName = metrics.metricName("message-size-min", "producer-metrics", "message minimum size", "client-id", "my-client", "topic", "my-topic");
     sensor.add(metricName, new Min());
     // as messages are sent we record the sizes