Class AlterPartitionReassignmentsResult


@Evolving public class AlterPartitionReassignmentsResult extends Object
The result of Admin.alterPartitionReassignments(Map, AlterPartitionReassignmentsOptions). The API of this class is evolving. See AdminClient for details.
  • Method Details

    • values

      public Map<TopicPartition,KafkaFuture<Void>> values()
      Return a map from partitions to futures which can be used to check the status of the reassignment. Possible error codes: INVALID_REPLICA_ASSIGNMENT (39) - if the specified replica assignment was not valid -- for example, if it included negative numbers, repeated numbers, or specified a broker ID that the controller was not aware of. NO_REASSIGNMENT_IN_PROGRESS (85) - if the request wants to cancel reassignments but none exist UNKNOWN (-1)
    • all

      public KafkaFuture<Void> all()
      Return a future which succeeds only if all the reassignments were successfully initiated.