Class ListConsumerGroupsResult


@Evolving public class ListConsumerGroupsResult extends Object
The result of the Admin.listConsumerGroups() call.

The API of this class is evolving, see Admin for details.

  • Method Details

    • all

      Returns a future that yields either an exception, or the full set of consumer group listings. In the event of a failure, the future yields nothing but the first exception which occurred.
    • valid

      Returns a future which yields just the valid listings. This future never fails with an error, no matter what happens. Errors are completely ignored. If nothing can be fetched, an empty collection is yielded. If there is an error, but some results can be returned, this future will yield those partial results. When using this future, it is a good idea to also check the errors future so that errors can be displayed and handled.
    • errors

      public KafkaFuture<Collection<Throwable>> errors()
      Returns a future which yields just the errors which occurred. If this future yields a non-empty collection, it is very likely that elements are missing from the valid() set. This future itself never fails with an error. In the event of an error, this future will successfully yield a collection containing at least one exception.