Interface Task

All Known Implementing Classes:
SinkTask, SourceTask

public interface Task

Tasks contain the code that actually copies data to/from another system. They receive a configuration from their parent Connector, assigning them a fraction of a Kafka Connect job's work. The Kafka Connect framework then pushes/pulls data from the Task. The Task must also be able to respond to reconfiguration requests.

Task only contains the minimal shared functionality between SourceTask and SinkTask.

  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type
    Start the Task
    Stop this task.
    Get the version of this task.
  • Method Details

    • version

      String version()
      Get the version of this task. Usually this should be the same as the corresponding Connector class's version.
      the version, formatted as a String
    • start

      void start(Map<String,String> props)
      Start the Task
      props - initial configuration
    • stop

      void stop()
      Stop this task.