Class ConfigTransformerResult


public class ConfigTransformerResult extends Object
The result of a transformation from ConfigTransformer.
  • Constructor Details

    • ConfigTransformerResult

      public ConfigTransformerResult(Map<String,String> data, Map<String,Long> ttls)
      Creates a new ConfigTransformerResult with the given data and TTL values for a set of paths.
      data - a Map of key-value pairs
      ttls - a Map of path and TTL values (in milliseconds)
  • Method Details

    • data

      public Map<String,String> data()
      Returns the transformed data, with variables replaced with corresponding values from the ConfigProvider instances if found.

      Modifying the transformed data that is returned does not affect the ConfigProvider nor the original data that was used as the source of the transformation.

      data a Map of key-value pairs
    • ttls

      public Map<String,Long> ttls()
      Returns the TTL values (in milliseconds) returned from the ConfigProvider instances for a given set of paths.
      data a Map of path and TTL values