Class KafkaStorageException

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public class KafkaStorageException extends InvalidMetadataException
Miscellaneous disk-related IOException occurred when handling a request. Client should request metadata update and retry if the response shows KafkaStorageException Here are the guidelines on how to handle KafkaStorageException and IOException: 1) If the server has not finished loading logs, IOException does not need to be converted to KafkaStorageException 2) After the server has finished loading logs, IOException should be caught and trigger LogDirFailureChannel.maybeAddOfflineLogDir() Then the IOException should either be swallowed and logged, or be converted and re-thrown as KafkaStorageException 3) It is preferred for IOException to be caught in Log rather than in ReplicaManager or LogSegment.
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  • Constructor Details

    • KafkaStorageException

      public KafkaStorageException()
    • KafkaStorageException

      public KafkaStorageException(String message)
    • KafkaStorageException

      public KafkaStorageException(Throwable cause)
    • KafkaStorageException

      public KafkaStorageException(String message, Throwable cause)