Class SaslAuthenticationException

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public class SaslAuthenticationException extends AuthenticationException
This exception indicates that SASL authentication has failed. The error message in the exception indicates the actual cause of failure.

SASL authentication failures typically indicate invalid credentials, but could also include other failures specific to the SASL mechanism used for authentication.

Note:If SaslServer.evaluateResponse(byte[]) throws this exception during authentication, the message from the exception will be sent to clients in the SaslAuthenticate response. Custom SaslServer implementations may throw this exception in order to provide custom error messages to clients, but should take care not to include any security-critical information in the message that should not be leaked to unauthenticated clients.

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  • Constructor Details

    • SaslAuthenticationException

      public SaslAuthenticationException(String message)
    • SaslAuthenticationException

      public SaslAuthenticationException(String message, Throwable cause)