Class CumulativeCount

All Implemented Interfaces:
Measurable, MeasurableStat, MetricValueProvider<Double>, Stat

public class CumulativeCount extends CumulativeSum
A non-sampled version of WindowedCount maintained over all time. This is a special kind of CumulativeSum that always records 1 instead of the provided value. In other words, it counts the number of record(MetricConfig, double, long) invocations, instead of summing the recorded values.
  • Constructor Details

    • CumulativeCount

      public CumulativeCount()
  • Method Details

    • record

      public void record(MetricConfig config, double value, long timeMs)
      Description copied from interface: Stat
      Record the given value
      Specified by:
      record in interface Stat
      record in class CumulativeSum
      config - The configuration to use for this metric
      value - The value to record
      timeMs - The POSIX time in milliseconds this value occurred