All Implemented Interfaces:
Measurable, MeasurableStat, MetricValueProvider<Double>, Stat
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public class Rate extends Object implements MeasurableStat
The rate of the given quantity. By default this is the total observed over a set of samples from a sampled statistic divided by the elapsed time over the sample windows. Alternative SampledStat implementations can be provided, however, to record the rate of occurrences (e.g. the count of values measured over the time interval) or other such values.
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    • unitName

      public String unitName()
    • record

      public void record(MetricConfig config, double value, long timeMs)
      Description copied from interface: Stat
      Record the given value
      Specified by:
      record in interface Stat
      config - The configuration to use for this metric
      value - The value to record
      timeMs - The POSIX time in milliseconds this value occurred
    • measure

      public double measure(MetricConfig config, long now)
      Description copied from interface: Measurable
      Measure this quantity and return the result as a double
      Specified by:
      measure in interface Measurable
      config - The configuration for this metric
      now - The POSIX time in milliseconds the measurement is being taken
      The measured value
    • windowSize

      public long windowSize(MetricConfig config, long now)
    • toString

      public String toString()
      toString in class Object