Class OAuthBearerExtensionsValidatorCallback

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public class OAuthBearerExtensionsValidatorCallback extends Object implements Callback
A Callback for use by the SaslServer implementation when it needs to validate the SASL extensions for the OAUTHBEARER mechanism Callback handlers should use the valid(String) method to communicate valid extensions back to the SASL server. Callback handlers should use the error(String, String) method to communicate validation errors back to the SASL Server. As per RFC-7628 (, unknown extensions must be ignored by the server. The callback handler implementation should simply ignore unknown extensions, not calling error(String, String) nor valid(String). Callback handlers should communicate other problems by raising an IOException.

The OAuth bearer token is provided in the callback for better context in extension validation. It is very important that token validation is done in its own OAuthBearerValidatorCallback irregardless of provided extensions, as they are inherently insecure.

  • Constructor Details

  • Method Details

    • token

      public OAuthBearerToken token()
      OAuthBearerToken the OAuth bearer token of the client
    • inputExtensions

      public SaslExtensions inputExtensions()
      SaslExtensions consisting of the unvalidated extension names and values that were sent by the client
    • validatedExtensions

      public Map<String,String> validatedExtensions()
      an unmodifiable Map consisting of the validated and recognized by the server extension names and values
    • invalidExtensions

      public Map<String,String> invalidExtensions()
      An immutable Map consisting of the name->error messages of extensions which failed validation
    • ignoredExtensions

      public Map<String,String> ignoredExtensions()
      An immutable Map consisting of the extensions that have neither been validated nor invalidated
    • valid

      public void valid(String extensionName)
      Validates a specific extension in the original inputExtensions map
      extensionName - - the name of the extension which was validated
    • error

      public void error(String invalidExtensionName, String errorMessage)
      Set the error value for a specific extension key-value pair if validation has failed
      invalidExtensionName - the mandatory extension name which caused the validation failure
      errorMessage - error message describing why the validation failed