Interface AccessTokenValidator

All Known Implementing Classes:
LoginAccessTokenValidator, ValidatorAccessTokenValidator

public interface AccessTokenValidator
An instance of AccessTokenValidator acts as a function object that, given an access token in base-64 encoded JWT format, can parse the data, perform validation, and construct an OAuthBearerToken for use by the caller. The primary reason for this abstraction is that client and broker may have different libraries available to them to perform these operations. Additionally, the exact steps for validation may differ between implementations. To put this more concretely: the implementation in the Kafka client does not have bundled a robust library to perform this logic, and it is not the responsibility of the client to perform vigorous validation. However, the Kafka broker ships with a richer set of library dependencies that can perform more substantial validation and is also expected to perform a trust-but-verify test of the access token's signature. See:
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    validate(String accessToken)
    Accepts an OAuth JWT access token in base-64 encoded format, validates, and returns an OAuthBearerToken.
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