Class Decimal


public class Decimal extends Object

An arbitrary-precision signed decimal number. The value is unscaled * 10 ^ -scale where:

  • unscaled is an integer
  • scale is an integer representing how many digits the decimal point should be shifted on the unscaled value

Decimal does not provide a fixed schema because it is parameterized by the scale, which is fixed on the schema rather than being part of the value.

The underlying representation of this type is bytes containing a two's complement integer

  • Field Details

  • Constructor Details

    • Decimal

      public Decimal()
  • Method Details

    • builder

      public static SchemaBuilder builder(int scale)
      Returns a SchemaBuilder for a Decimal with the given scale factor. By returning a SchemaBuilder you can override additional schema settings such as required/optional, default value, and documentation.
      scale - the scale factor to apply to unscaled values
      a SchemaBuilder
    • schema

      public static Schema schema(int scale)
    • fromLogical

      public static byte[] fromLogical(Schema schema, BigDecimal value)
      Convert a value from its logical format (BigDecimal) to it's encoded format.
      value - the logical value
      the encoded value
    • toLogical

      public static BigDecimal toLogical(Schema schema, byte[] value)