Class AclDeleteResult.AclBindingDeleteResult

Enclosing class:

public static class AclDeleteResult.AclBindingDeleteResult extends Object
Delete result for each ACL binding that matched a delete filter.
  • Constructor Details

    • AclBindingDeleteResult

      public AclBindingDeleteResult(AclBinding aclBinding)
    • AclBindingDeleteResult

      public AclBindingDeleteResult(AclBinding aclBinding, ApiException exception)
  • Method Details

    • aclBinding

      public AclBinding aclBinding()
      Returns ACL binding that matched the delete filter. If exception() is empty, the ACL binding was successfully deleted.
    • exception

      public Optional<ApiException> exception()
      Returns any exception that resulted in failure to delete ACL binding. If exception is empty, the ACL binding was successfully deleted.