Class RemoteLogSegmentMetadataUpdate


@Evolving public class RemoteLogSegmentMetadataUpdate extends RemoteLogMetadata
It describes the metadata update about the log segment in the remote storage. This is currently used to update the state of the remote log segment by using RemoteLogMetadataManager.updateRemoteLogSegmentMetadata(RemoteLogSegmentMetadataUpdate). This also includes the timestamp of this event.
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    • RemoteLogSegmentMetadataUpdate

      public RemoteLogSegmentMetadataUpdate(RemoteLogSegmentId remoteLogSegmentId, long eventTimestampMs, RemoteLogSegmentState state, int brokerId)
      remoteLogSegmentId - Universally unique remote log segment id.
      eventTimestampMs - Epoch time in milli seconds at which the remote log segment is copied to the remote tier storage.
      state - State of the remote log segment.
      brokerId - Broker id from which this event is generated.
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