Class RemotePartitionDeleteMetadata


@Evolving public class RemotePartitionDeleteMetadata extends RemoteLogMetadata
This class represents the metadata about the remote partition. It can be created/updated with RemoteLogMetadataManager.putRemotePartitionDeleteMetadata(RemotePartitionDeleteMetadata). Possible state transitions are mentioned at RemotePartitionDeleteState.
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    • RemotePartitionDeleteMetadata

      public RemotePartitionDeleteMetadata(TopicIdPartition topicIdPartition, RemotePartitionDeleteState state, long eventTimestampMs, int brokerId)
      Creates an instance of this class with the given metadata.
      topicIdPartition - topic partition for which this event is meant for.
      state - State of the remote topic partition.
      eventTimestampMs - Epoch time in milli seconds at which this event is occurred.
      brokerId - Id of the broker in which this event is raised.
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