Interface TaskMetadata

public interface TaskMetadata
Metadata of a task.
  • Method Details

    • taskId

      TaskId taskId()
      Task ID of the task.
      task ID consisting of subtopology and partition ID
    • topicPartitions

      Set<TopicPartition> topicPartitions()
      Source topic partitions of the task.
      source topic partitions
    • committedOffsets

      Map<TopicPartition,Long> committedOffsets()
      Offsets of the source topic partitions committed so far by the task.
      map from source topic partitions to committed offsets
    • endOffsets

      Map<TopicPartition,Long> endOffsets()
      End offsets of the source topic partitions of the task.
      map source topic partition to end offsets
    • timeCurrentIdlingStarted

      Optional<Long> timeCurrentIdlingStarted()
      Time task idling started. If the task is not currently idling it will return empty.
      time when task idling started, empty Optional if the task is currently not idling
    • equals

      boolean equals(Object o)
      Compares the specified object with this TaskMetadata. Returns true if and only if the specified object is also a TaskMetadata and both taskId() and topicPartitions() are equal.
      equals in class Object
      true if this object is the same as the obj argument; false otherwise.
    • hashCode

      int hashCode()
      Returns the hash code value for this TaskMetadata. The hash code of a list is defined to be the result of the following calculation:
       Objects.hash(taskId(), topicPartitions());
      hashCode in class Object
      a hash code value for this object.