Class TopologyConfig


public class TopologyConfig extends AbstractConfig
Streams configs that apply at the topology level. The values in the StreamsConfig parameter of the KafkaStreams or KafkaStreamsNamedTopologyWrapper constructors will determine the defaults, which can then be overridden for specific topologies by passing them in when creating the topology builders via the {@link org.apache.kafka.streams.StreamsBuilder()} method.
  • Field Details

    • topologyName

      public final String topologyName
    • eosEnabled

      public final boolean eosEnabled
    • applicationConfigs

      public final StreamsConfig applicationConfigs
    • topologyOverrides

      public final Properties topologyOverrides
    • maxBufferedSize

      public final int maxBufferedSize
    • cacheSize

      public final long cacheSize
    • maxTaskIdleMs

      public final long maxTaskIdleMs
    • taskTimeoutMs

      public final long taskTimeoutMs
    • storeType

      public final String storeType
    • timestampExtractorSupplier

      public final Supplier<TimestampExtractor> timestampExtractorSupplier
    • deserializationExceptionHandlerSupplier

      public final Supplier<DeserializationExceptionHandler> deserializationExceptionHandlerSupplier
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