Interface SessionBytesStoreSupplier

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public interface SessionBytesStoreSupplier extends StoreSupplier<SessionStore<org.apache.kafka.common.utils.Bytes,byte[]>>
A store supplier that can be used to create one or more SessionStore<Byte, byte[]> instances. For any stores implementing the SessionStore<Byte, byte[]> interface, null value bytes are considered as "not exist". This means:
  1. null value bytes in put operations should be treated as delete.
  2. null value bytes should never be returned in range query results.
  • Method Details

    • segmentIntervalMs

      long segmentIntervalMs()
      The size of a segment, in milliseconds. Used when caching is enabled to segment the cache and reduce the amount of data that needs to be scanned when performing range queries.
      segmentInterval in milliseconds
    • retentionPeriod

      long retentionPeriod()
      The time period for which the SessionStore will retain historic data.