Class UnsupportedVersionException

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public class UnsupportedVersionException extends ApiException
Indicates that a request API or version needed by the client is not supported by the broker. This is typically a fatal error as Kafka clients will downgrade request versions as needed except in cases where a needed feature is not available in old versions. Fatal errors can generally only be handled by closing the client instance, although in some cases it may be possible to continue without relying on the underlying feature. For example, when the producer is used with idempotence enabled, this error is fatal since the producer does not support reverting to weaker semantics. On the other hand, if this error is raised from KafkaConsumer.offsetsForTimes(Map), it would be possible to revert to alternative logic to set the consumer's position.
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    • UnsupportedVersionException

      public UnsupportedVersionException(String message, Throwable cause)
    • UnsupportedVersionException

      public UnsupportedVersionException(String message)