Class WindowedSerdes


public class WindowedSerdes extends Object
  • Constructor Details

    • WindowedSerdes

      public WindowedSerdes()
  • Method Details

    • timeWindowedSerdeFrom

      @Deprecated public static <T> Serde<Windowed<T>> timeWindowedSerdeFrom(Class<T> type)
      Construct a TimeWindowedSerde object for the specified inner class type.
    • timeWindowedSerdeFrom

      public static <T> Serde<Windowed<T>> timeWindowedSerdeFrom(Class<T> type, long windowSize)
      Construct a TimeWindowedSerde object to deserialize changelog topic for the specified inner class type and window size.
    • sessionWindowedSerdeFrom

      public static <T> Serde<Windowed<T>> sessionWindowedSerdeFrom(Class<T> type)
      Construct a SessionWindowedSerde object for the specified inner class type.