Class ConsumerRecords<K,​V>

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class ConsumerRecords<K,​V>
extends Object
implements Iterable<ConsumerRecord<K,​V>>
A container that holds the list ConsumerRecord per partition for a particular topic. There is one ConsumerRecord list for every topic partition returned by a Consumer.poll(java.time.Duration) operation.
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    • records

      public List<ConsumerRecord<K,​V>> records​(TopicPartition partition)
      Get just the records for the given partition
      partition - The partition to get records for
    • records

      public Iterable<ConsumerRecord<K,​V>> records​(String topic)
      Get just the records for the given topic
    • partitions

      public Set<TopicPartition> partitions()
      Get the partitions which have records contained in this record set.
      the set of partitions with data in this record set (may be empty if no data was returned)
    • iterator

      public Iterator<ConsumerRecord<K,​V>> iterator()
      Specified by:
      iterator in interface Iterable<K>
    • count

      public int count()
      The number of records for all topics
    • isEmpty

      public boolean isEmpty()
    • empty

      public static <K,​ V> ConsumerRecords<K,​V> empty()