Interface Stat

All Known Subinterfaces:
CompoundStat, MeasurableStat
All Known Implementing Classes:
Avg, CumulativeCount, CumulativeSum, Frequencies, Max, Meter, Min, Percentiles, Rate, SampledStat, SimpleRate, TokenBucket, Value, WindowedCount, WindowedSum

public interface Stat
A Stat is a quantity such as average, max, etc that is computed off the stream of updates to a sensor
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type Method Description
    void record​(MetricConfig config, double value, long timeMs)
    Record the given value
  • Method Details

    • record

      void record​(MetricConfig config, double value, long timeMs)
      Record the given value
      config - The configuration to use for this metric
      value - The value to record
      timeMs - The POSIX time in milliseconds this value occurred