Interface ValueJoinerWithKey<K1,​V1,​V2,​VR>

Type Parameters:
K1 - key value type
V1 - first value type
V2 - second value type
VR - joined value type

public interface ValueJoinerWithKey<K1,​V1,​V2,​VR>
The ValueJoinerWithKey interface for joining two values into a new value of arbitrary type. This interface provides access to a read-only key that the user should not modify as this would lead to undefined behavior This is a stateless operation, i.e, apply(Object, Object, Object) is invoked individually for each joining record-pair of a KStream-KStream, KStream-KTable, or KTable-KTable join.
See Also:
KStream.join(KStream, ValueJoinerWithKey, JoinWindows), KStream.join(KStream, ValueJoinerWithKey, JoinWindows, StreamJoined), KStream.leftJoin(KStream, ValueJoinerWithKey, JoinWindows), KStream.leftJoin(KStream, ValueJoinerWithKey, JoinWindows, StreamJoined), KStream.outerJoin(KStream, ValueJoinerWithKey, JoinWindows), KStream.outerJoin(KStream, ValueJoinerWithKey, JoinWindows, StreamJoined), KStream.join(KTable, ValueJoinerWithKey), KStream.join(KTable, ValueJoinerWithKey, Joined), KStream.leftJoin(KTable, ValueJoinerWithKey), KStream.leftJoin(KTable, ValueJoinerWithKey, Joined), KStream.join(GlobalKTable, KeyValueMapper, ValueJoinerWithKey), KStream.join(GlobalKTable, KeyValueMapper, ValueJoinerWithKey, Named), KStream.leftJoin(GlobalKTable, KeyValueMapper, ValueJoinerWithKey), KStream.leftJoin(GlobalKTable, KeyValueMapper, ValueJoinerWithKey, Named)
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type Method Description
    VR apply​(K1 readOnlyKey, V1 value1, V2 value2)
    Return a joined value consisting of readOnlyKey, value1 and value2.
  • Method Details

    • apply

      VR apply​(K1 readOnlyKey, V1 value1, V2 value2)
      Return a joined value consisting of readOnlyKey, value1 and value2.
      readOnlyKey - the key
      value1 - the first value for joining
      value2 - the second value for joining
      the joined value