Interface ValueTransformerSupplier<V,​VR>

Type Parameters:
V - value type
VR - transformed value type
All Superinterfaces:

public interface ValueTransformerSupplier<V,​VR>
extends ConnectedStoreProvider
A ValueTransformerSupplier interface which can create one or more ValueTransformer instances.

The supplier should always generate a new instance each time get() gets called. Creating a single ValueTransformer object and returning the same object reference in get() would be a violation of the supplier pattern and leads to runtime exceptions.

See Also:
ValueTransformer, ValueTransformerWithKey, ValueTransformerWithKeySupplier, KStream.transformValues(ValueTransformerSupplier, String...), KStream.transformValues(ValueTransformerWithKeySupplier, String...), Transformer, TransformerSupplier, KStream.transform(TransformerSupplier, String...)
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