Class DescribeClusterOptions


@Evolving public class DescribeClusterOptions extends AbstractOptions<DescribeClusterOptions>
Options for Admin.describeCluster(). The API of this class is evolving, see Admin for details.
  • Constructor Details

    • DescribeClusterOptions

      public DescribeClusterOptions()
  • Method Details

    • timeoutMs

      public DescribeClusterOptions timeoutMs(Integer timeoutMs)
      Set the timeout in milliseconds for this operation or null if the default api timeout for the AdminClient should be used.
      timeoutMs in class AbstractOptions<DescribeClusterOptions>
    • includeAuthorizedOperations

      public DescribeClusterOptions includeAuthorizedOperations(boolean includeAuthorizedOperations)
    • includeAuthorizedOperations

      public boolean includeAuthorizedOperations()
      Specify if authorized operations should be included in the response. Note that some older brokers cannot not supply this information even if it is requested.