Class NewTopic


public class NewTopic extends Object
A new topic to be created via Admin.createTopics(Collection).
  • Constructor Details

    • NewTopic

      public NewTopic(String name, int numPartitions, short replicationFactor)
      A new topic with the specified replication factor and number of partitions.
    • NewTopic

      public NewTopic(String name, Optional<Integer> numPartitions, Optional<Short> replicationFactor)
      A new topic that optionally defaults numPartitions and replicationFactor to the broker configurations for num.partitions and default.replication.factor respectively.
    • NewTopic

      public NewTopic(String name, Map<Integer,List<Integer>> replicasAssignments)
      A new topic with the specified replica assignment configuration.
      name - the topic name.
      replicasAssignments - a map from partition id to replica ids (i.e. broker ids). Although not enforced, it is generally a good idea for all partitions to have the same number of replicas.
  • Method Details

    • name

      public String name()
      The name of the topic to be created.
    • numPartitions

      public int numPartitions()
      The number of partitions for the new topic or -1 if a replica assignment has been specified.
    • replicationFactor

      public short replicationFactor()
      The replication factor for the new topic or -1 if a replica assignment has been specified.
    • replicasAssignments

      public Map<Integer,List<Integer>> replicasAssignments()
      A map from partition id to replica ids (i.e. broker ids) or null if the number of partitions and replication factor have been specified instead.
    • configs

      public NewTopic configs(Map<String,String> configs)
      Set the configuration to use on the new topic.
      configs - The configuration map.
      This NewTopic object.
    • configs

      public Map<String,String> configs()
      The configuration for the new topic or null if no configs ever specified.
    • toString

      public String toString()
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      public boolean equals(Object o)
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