Class StreamsException

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Direct Known Subclasses:
BrokerNotFoundException, InvalidStateStoreException, LockException, MissingSourceTopicException, ProcessorStateException, TaskAssignmentException, TaskCorruptedException, TaskIdFormatException, TaskMigratedException, TopologyException, UnknownTopologyException

public class StreamsException extends KafkaException
StreamsException is the top-level exception type generated by Kafka Streams, and indicates errors have occurred during a StreamThread's processing. It is guaranteed that any exception thrown up to the StreamsUncaughtExceptionHandler will be of the type StreamsException. For example, any user exceptions will be wrapped as a StreamsException.
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  • Constructor Details

    • StreamsException

      public StreamsException(String message)
    • StreamsException

      public StreamsException(String message, TaskId taskId)
    • StreamsException

      public StreamsException(String message, Throwable throwable)
    • StreamsException

      public StreamsException(String message, Throwable throwable, TaskId taskId)
    • StreamsException

      public StreamsException(Throwable throwable)
    • StreamsException

      public StreamsException(Throwable throwable, TaskId taskId)
  • Method Details

    • taskId

      public Optional<TaskId> taskId()
      the TaskId that this exception originated from, or Optional.empty() if the exception cannot be traced back to a particular task. Note that the TaskId being empty does not guarantee that the exception wasn't directly related to a specific task.
    • setTaskId

      public void setTaskId(TaskId taskId)