Class KeyQuery<K,V>

All Implemented Interfaces:

@Evolving public final class KeyQuery<K,V> extends Object implements Query<V>
Interactive query for retrieving a single record based on its key.
  • Method Details

    • withKey

      public static <K, V> KeyQuery<K,V> withKey(K key)
      Creates a query that will retrieve the record identified by key if it exists (or null otherwise).
      Type Parameters:
      K - The type of the key
      V - The type of the value that will be retrieved
      key - The key to retrieve
    • skipCache

      public KeyQuery<K,V> skipCache()
      Specifies that the cache should be skipped during query evaluation. This means, that the query will always get forwarded to the underlying store.
    • getKey

      public K getKey()
      The key that was specified for this query.
    • isSkipCache

      public boolean isSkipCache()
      The flag whether to skip the cache or not during query evaluation.