Package org.apache.kafka.clients.producer

package org.apache.kafka.clients.producer
Provides a Kafka client for producing records to topics and/or partitions in a Kafka cluster.
  • Class
    This exception is thrown if the producer cannot allocate memory for a record within due to the buffer being too full.
    A callback interface that the user can implement to allow code to execute when the request is complete.
    A Kafka client that publishes records to the Kafka cluster.
    A mock of the producer interface you can use for testing code that uses Kafka.
    Partitioner Interface
    The interface for the KafkaProducer
    Configuration for the Kafka Producer.
    A plugin interface that allows you to intercept (and possibly mutate) the records received by the producer before they are published to the Kafka cluster.
    A key/value pair to be sent to Kafka.
    The metadata for a record that has been acknowledged by the server
    The "Round-Robin" partitioner This partitioning strategy can be used when user wants to distribute the writes to all partitions equally.
    Since 3.3.0, in order to use default partitioning logic remove the partitioner.class configuration setting and set partitioner.ignore.keys=true.