Package org.apache.kafka.common.errors

Exception Summary
ApiException Any API exception that is part of the public protocol and should be a subclass of this class and be part of this package.
CorruptRecordException This exception indicates a record has failed it's internal CRC check, this generally indicates network or disk corruption.
InvalidMetadataException An exception that may indicate the client's metadata is out of date
InvalidTopicException The client has attempted to perform an operation on an invalid topic.
LeaderNotAvailableException There is no currently available leader for the given partition (either because a leadership election is in progress or because all replicas are down).
NetworkException A misc.
NotEnoughReplicasAfterAppendException Number of insync replicas for the partition is lower than min.insync.replicas This exception is raised when the low ISR size is discovered *after* the message was already appended to the log.
NotEnoughReplicasException Number of insync replicas for the partition is lower than min.insync.replicas
NotLeaderForPartitionException This server is not the leader for the given partition
OffsetMetadataTooLarge The client has tried to save its offset with associated metadata larger than the maximum size allowed by the server.
OffsetOutOfRangeException This offset is either larger or smaller than the range of offsets the server has for the given partition.
RecordBatchTooLargeException This record batch is larger than the maximum allowable size
RecordTooLargeException This record is larger than the maximum allowable size
RetriableException A retryable exception is a transient exception that if retried may succeed.
SerializationException Any exception during serialization in the producer
TimeoutException Indicates that a request timed out.
UnknownServerException An error occurred on the server for which the client doesn't have a corresponding error code.
UnknownTopicOrPartitionException This topic/partition doesn't exist