Class OffsetSpec

Direct Known Subclasses:
OffsetSpec.EarliestSpec, OffsetSpec.LatestSpec, OffsetSpec.MaxTimestampSpec, OffsetSpec.TimestampSpec

public class OffsetSpec extends Object
This class allows to specify the desired offsets when using KafkaAdminClient.listOffsets(Map, ListOffsetsOptions)
  • Constructor Details

    • OffsetSpec

      public OffsetSpec()
  • Method Details

    • latest

      public static OffsetSpec latest()
      Used to retrieve the latest offset of a partition
    • earliest

      public static OffsetSpec earliest()
      Used to retrieve the earliest offset of a partition
    • forTimestamp

      public static OffsetSpec forTimestamp(long timestamp)
      Used to retrieve the earliest offset whose timestamp is greater than or equal to the given timestamp in the corresponding partition
      timestamp - in milliseconds
    • maxTimestamp

      public static OffsetSpec maxTimestamp()
      Used to retrieve the offset with the largest timestamp of a partition as message timestamps can be specified client side this may not match the log end offset returned by LatestSpec